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Is Oil Pulling Right for Your Mouth?

Posted on 8/30/2016 by Office - Boone DMD
A bottle of refined coconut oil used to protect teeth.Oil pulling is not a new practice, but it has been slowly gaining traction in recent years. While the same basic idea has been done for millennia, it is now coming into mainstream options to help take care of your mouth.

Oil pulling can help some people get a cleaner mouth and lower the amount of bacteria in the mouth overall, but it is not for everyone.

The Basics of Oil Pulling

If you want to try oil pulling, then you should get yourself some refined coconut oil. It takes about a tablespoon, give or take depending on the size of your mouth. You put the oil in your mouth and swish the oil around for 10-20 minutes each session, and you should do it three times each week to start.

You can work up to daily if you like the results you are getting. The swishing motion pulls the bacteria and debris out of your mouth, leaving you with a cleaner mouth after swishing, which can last all day long. You will likely also notice whiter teeth and healthier gums if you pull consistently for the long-term.

Who Should Start Oil Pulling?

People who have a very clean mouth already may not need to start oil pulling, but it isn't going to hurt anything either. The only people that should avoid oil pulling are those that have super sensitive teeth, and even then, they should only avoid it until their dentist gives them the green light.

Oil pulling can increase sensitivity during the adjustment period at the beginning of adopting this practice, which could make eating and drinking more difficult for a short time, but the sensitivity has been shown to decrease in most patients who pull on a regular basis (3-4 times per week).

If you want to know more, contact our office about oil pulling today!
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