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The Future of Tooth Repair

Posted on 10/30/2016 by Office - Boone DMD
An elderly woman receiving a root canal.
Are you ready for the Brave New World of Dentistry? In the not too distant future there is a very real possibility that tooth repair and root canals treatments will be completely revolutionized and will hardly resemble the current treatments of today. Can you imagine dentistry without the drilling? It is a real possibility for a lot of procedures.

University of Nottingham & Harvard University researchers have developed tooth fillings which would, in theory, cause teeth to regenerate and repair themselves. Click here for more information.

If this new type of filling, comprised of synthetic biomaterials (a biomaterial is a synthetic or natural material suitable for use in constructing artificial organs and prostheses or to replace bone or tissue), does get approved by the FDA and put into use, it would affect millions of people dealing with dental disease and dental surgery.

The new synthetic biomaterial that researchers have in development allows the stem cells that are native to the teeth to repair themselves and regenerate dentin, which is what comprises the bulk of the tooth under the enamel. The biomaterial can be put into direct contact with the pulp tissue of the mouth while traditional fillings are incompatible with the pulp tissue because they are toxic to cells.

Instead of drilling or removing damaged tissue, this new biomaterial would actually stimulate the bones to repair the damaged and diseased teeth, ending the need for root canals all together.

An added benefit to this new type of treatment is that the patient getting the new dental implants would not have to subject themselves to dangerous chemicals, some suspect for being carcinogenic, used in many of today's sealants and fillings.

There are many conditions that lead to root canals: deep cavities, dental trauma, cracked teeth, to name a few. While we wait for these fillings from the future to materialize, it is best to do everything you can to not have any avoidable dental procedures performed on you. That means take care of your teeth!

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