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Keeping Your Dental Records Up to Date is Very Important

Posted on 12/20/2016 by Office - Boone DMD
A woman talking with her dentist about her dental records.
Having accurate dental records can really help your dentist keep your oral care up to date. When you have more than one procedure that does basically the same thing, you could end up hurting your teeth.

If you have the first procedure in your dental records, however, this can spare your teeth and keep you from wasting time and money. Plus, if you have had specific issues in the past that may recur, your dentist can then keep an eye out for whatever issues down the line.

The Danger of Having Inaccurate Dental Records

If you happen to go to your dentist with an inaccuracy in your dental record, it could cost you. First, it could cost you financially in that you may get something done that you do not need. Second, it is going to cost you time. Having an unnecessary procedure is going to end up being a waste of time, and it could easily be avoided.

Finally, it could harm your health. Having too much of even a good thing is never good for you, and the same holds true with dental procedures. Too much fluoride won't protect your teeth further from tooth decay, it can actually stain your teeth and make you sick.

Talk to your dentist about making sure that your record is always current. If you recently changed dentists, make sure that you get your old records to your new dentist prior to your first appointment. It allows them to treat you properly, without adding any risk to the procedures that you have done.

Your dentist wants to keep you healthy, and the best way to accomplish that is to make sure that he or she knows what you have already had done in the past. Do you know what is in your dental records? Please contact our office if you have any questions about your dental records.

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