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Why Dentists Look at Your Fillings On Your X-Rays

Posted on 1/15/2017 by Office - Boone DMD
A dentist talking with his patient about his dental filling.
Have you ever seen your dentist look at your old fillings when he or she is looking at your x-rays? The reason for this is because they want to make sure that the entire cavity that the filling once filled in is still full.

If the filling has come loose, or the cavity has grown, you may be in need of a new filling. This happens now and again, and can leave you with a loose filling that you did not even realize you had.

Dentists Look at A Lot When Looking Over Your X-Rays

Not only does your dentist want to see if your old fillings are still sitting right, but they also want to take a peek at your teeth that do not currently have filings.

A dentist is able to see a cavity forming on an x-ray, allowing the dentist to go in and clean up the cavity before it becomes a problem. The sooner that a cavity is caught on film, the more it can be stopped before it grows, and the less likely you are to require a filling.

Your dentist is also going to look at the roots of your teeth. If an abscess is about to form, they will be able to see it on the x-ray before they are going to see any symptoms in your mouth. Your dentist is going to use your x-rays as a tool to help keep your mouth healthier. They are also going to compare x-rays from visit to visit to see if anything has changed in your mouth that could require their attention.

X-rays are an important part of your dental visit. If you want to know more about what your dentist is seeing when he or she looks at your x-rays, ask them at your next appointment. Dentists love it when patients are proactive about their own oral health.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your fillings.

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