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When Your Wisdom Teeth Begin to Erupt, What Should You Do?

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Office - Boone DMD
An x-ray of a patients impacted wisdom teeth.
Having your wisdom teeth erupting can be a unique experience. Most of us do not remember what teething feels like. It typically stopped before we hit double-digits for most of us. So, this situation can bring about pain and discomfort we are not used to feeling.

Plus, knowing that it is wisdom teeth can also bring about a sense of anxiety because few know if they will need their wisdom teeth pulled or not. When you notice your wisdom teeth starting to come in, the first thing you need to do is give your dentist a call.

Your Dentist Can Determine What Needs to Be Done with Your Wisdom Teeth

When you go in and see your dentist, they can look at your wisdom teeth and figure out the next appropriate step. They will do an exam to see how the eruption is going, and they will likely do a set of x-rays to look at the directionality of the teeth.

If your teeth are coming in straight, and your jaw is not already crowded, it may be fine to leave the teeth coming in as they already are.

However, if your teeth are coming in crooked, or are going to shift around the teeth already in place in your mouth, they may recommend you have those teeth extracted.

The direction your teeth come in is going to make a difference. If they come in pushing other teeth around or pointing towards other parts of your mouth than the opposing jaw, removing them is the best way to avoid impaction and pain.

They will not need to wait for your wisdom teeth to fully erupt in most cases, so you can have the procedure done quickly to get it over with. As you notice your wisdom teeth coming in, contact our office. Then, you and your dentist can decide what treatment needs to happen.

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