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Why You Cannot Brush Right After Meals

Posted on 8/25/2017 by Office - Boone DMD
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Do you eat something and immediately make a beeline for the bathroom to brush your teeth? This could actually be doing more damage to your mouth than good. By brushing immediately after a meal, you actually strip your teeth from some of the protection they have against acid erosion or sugar damage.

By waiting for a bit, usually about a half-hour, after you eat, you protect your teeth more and give yourself stronger, healthier teeth to show for your efforts.

How Waiting Actually Helps Protect Your Teeth

Saliva is the best type of protection you can have for your teeth. It has many jobs, one of which includes rinsing your teeth right after eating. It washes off your teeth, and provides a neutral surface.

This means tartar is less likely to stick to your teeth, and your teeth are also less likely to take damage from the items you just ate. Saliva quickly neutralizes the pH balance of your mouth, allowing your teeth to be less susceptible to damage that comes from eating acidic foods.

Take about a half-hour after you eat to let saliva do its job, then brush. This lets your mouth get the benefits that the saliva provides, and still lets your teeth get clean as soon as you brush. Don't rush off to the bathroom as soon as you swallow the last bite of your meal. Take a few minutes, relish the meal you were just able to enjoy. Clean up the mess from your meal, finish your beverage, then wander off to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

If you tend to brush as soon as you are done eating, then please speak to your dentist at your next appointment. Make sure they take a good look around your mouth to ensure that you haven't already done damage to your mouth.

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