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Reasons Your Teeth May Be Sore Each Morning

Posted on 10/13/2017 by Office - Boone DMD
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Have you recently woken up to sore teeth, but all you were doing was sleeping? If that's true, then chances are, you struggle with bruxism in your sleep. However, that's not the only thing you could be struggling with, it is just the most common.

If your teeth get sore when you wake up, you need to go in and see your dentist. After an examination, they will be able to help narrow down the potential causes of it. Then, you can treat it and stop the pain.

Common Reasons for Sore Teeth

Bruxism is the most common reason for sore teeth, but certainly not the only reason. Bruxism is when you clench your teeth or when you grind them back and forth. Some people do that when stressed and awake, while others only do it in their sleep. This is what causes your teeth to be sore.

Periodontal disease is also a cause of sore teeth. Once your gum disease gets bad enough, your teeth begin to move around as they loosen. This can leave you with a sore feeling in the morning. By treating your gum disease, you can stop this pain from being a regular occurrence.

Issues stemming from your TMJ can also cause your teeth to be sore in the morning. Sometimes your jaw joint, also known as your TMJ, can be sore from a wide variety of reasons. This can cause you to be sore in the morning as your joint may be inflamed, even while you sleep.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that can cause your teeth to be sore, and these aren't even all the potential causes. To find out what is causing your teeth to be sore, speak with your dentist. He or she can help you find out what's causing the pain, and help it feel better, once and for all.

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