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Types of Protection You Can Get After a Root Canal

Posted on 12/10/2017 by Office - Boone DMD
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Having a root canal operation can be quite the daunting task, and we are talking not just about the preparations before and during the oftentimes long operation, but also after you get the treatment.

Around 40 percent of patients experience pain 24 hours after the operation, but it lessens to less than 20 percent on the second day and only four percent after one full week. Typically, dentists will use the over the counter prescriptions to help the patients deal with the inflammation.

It is actually normal to have an inflammation or swelling of the gums up to several hours. This is due to gum trauma, which is expected of a root canal. However, if the pain and swelling still persists, the cause may not be the root canal treatment and you may need to put more protective measures for your mouth.

What Should Be Done?
There was a study in 2016 where a single dose of a 400mg Ibuprofen was given an hour before the root canal operation which lessens the pain. Ibuprofen is also a short-term solution for the pain that you are experiencing. However, for those who still have an inflammation a day or two after the operation, it is advisable to go see the dentist right away.

A great way to speed up the recovery of the inflamed gums and its tenderness is to use a lukewarm rinse with a cup of water mixed with half a teaspoon of salt.

This should prevent more bacteria from irritating you. Another more effective measure is to have a high temporary filling from your dentist. This temporary filling will strengthen your adjusting teeth and gums for the time being, until the swelling wears off.

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