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Why You Want to Avoid Using Toothpicks Forever

Posted on 1/23/2018 by Office - Boone DMD
Toothpicks Boones Landing Dental Center OR 97070-7845Many people who dine at restaurants couldn't help but pick their teeth using toothpicks after a meal. Sadly, the majority of them believe that they are actually doing something good for their teeth and overall oral health by using a toothpick after eating.

Truth be told, however, using toothpicks to clean the teeth or to remove stuck food particles should be banned permanently as the habit does more harm than good to one's overall dental and oral health.

Drawbacks of Using Toothpicks

If you are one of the many who use and believe that using toothpicks is an acceptable substitute for brushing or flossing, you should call or visit us to get a more accurate information about this habit.

Using toothpicks brings several drawbacks. For one, you are susceptible to oral infections since most toothpicks are unsterile. They are usually bundled in packs and made to sit in the cupboard for a long time, accumulating dirt and germs. Imagine how much bacteria enters your mouth whenever you use a toothpick.

Unlike dental flosses that are extremely thin and do not put pressure in between your teeth, toothpicks are much thicker. When you pick your teeth, you are somehow forcing your teeth to move apart, thereby causing unnatural teeth spacing that cannot easily be corrected. Moreover, the chances of punctured gums are much higher when you are using a toothpick, especially if you are not paying attention or using a mirror.

At the end of the day, you should never expect a simple toothpick to be beneficial in your dental hygiene or to provide outstanding oral benefits. A toothpick might help a chef or a homemaker keep meat intact but they should not even go near your teeth.

Call our office to set an appointment so we can give you more and correct information about oral care and to see whether your toothpick use already caused damage to your teeth and gums.

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