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Why Do Dental Veneers Need to Bond with Trimmed Teeth

Posted on 2/20/2018 by Office - Boone DMD
Dental Veneers Boones Landing Dental Center OR 97070-7845If you are considering dental veneers then a lot more goes into them when it comes to having them placed on the outside of your teeth.

They have to have a strong hold in order to not only perform their best, but also look their best. This is why cosmetic dentists will trim the tooth and then shave some of it down to create the best look possible with the use of the veneers.

Trimming Teeth for Veneers

When you add veneers on the outside of the teeth, you do not want your actual teeth to come out from the bottom of the veneer covering. So, in order for this not to happen, the dentist has to trim the teeth down and make sure that they fit behind the veneers that are going on the outside of the tooth.

This is why the teeth behind the veneers, unless the veneers are going to be naturally longer than the original teeth have to be shortened. The veneers should look their best and this helps.

The person can go through the procedure and not feel a thing since they make it the most comfortable that it can be. Once the procedure is done, the person is then able to smile in confidence. This is always a good thing to think about since you want to make sure that you have a dental procedure that actually works in the end. Veneers bring that pearly white smile you can be proud of.

If you are thinking about getting veneers, then speak with our office and professionals here. We can provide you with the help you need and the smile you want. We are knowledgeable on veneers and can give you a consultation to find out more about getting them for your new smile.
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