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Can Your Teeth Be Saved After an Addiction?

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Office - Boone DMD
Can Your Teeth Be Saved After an Addiction?The most important thing a person can do when they have an addiction to drugs is to get help and to end their addiction. Once they stop their habit of drug use, they can concentrate on repairing the damage the addiction caused.

There are many ways that an addiction damages your health. The damage to the teeth is one of the areas to address. Many wooden how or it they can save their teeth after they have overcome their addiction.

The Type of Damage

The type of damage from an addiction depends on many factors. They type of drug a person uses, the depth of their addiction and how they use the drug all impact the type of damage they suffer. People that smoke crack cocaine and crystal meth often have the most problems with their teeth.

The use of these drugs limits the amount of saliva in the mouth and that cause more tooth decay and gum disease.

An addiction also can prevent a person from maintaining good oral hygiene habits. That can lead to problems with tooth decay and gum disease. It can mean a person ignores symptoms of dental problems for longer than they should.

What Can They Do?
Saving the teeth after addiction depends on how much damage there is. The damage caused by a meth or crack addiction is often too much to repair. The only solution is to remove all the damaged teeth and replace them with dentures. If a person has not caused too much damage to their gums and bones, they can turn to implants to replace damaged teeth.

Some people can save their teeth through traditional dental therapies that include root canal, veneers, implants and partial dentures. Our dental pr4ofessionals can help in assessing the damage from the addiction and the neglect of care to determine the best course of actions.

Overcoming an addiction takes time. Repairing the damage from addiction is one part of the recovery. Contact our professionals for help as you work through your recovery from addiction. We can help give you back a smile that you are proud of.
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