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How to Reduce the Sugar in Your Diet Starting Today

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Office - Boone DMD
How to Reduce the Sugar in Your Diet Starting TodayEveryone knows that sugar is bad for you and that a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. This is especially true when it comes to your oral health. Too much sugar affects the integrity of your teeth, the composition of your saliva and plaque build-up in the mouth.

The result of too much sugar in the diet is an increased risk for dental caries (cavities and decay) not to mention the other physical side effects to the rest of your body. Today, let's look at some simple ways that you can begin to reduce the sugar in your diet. You don't have to completely eliminate it today, just take a small step and move forward from there. Your mouth will thank you later!

Reducing Sugar

The number one way that we consume sugar in our diets is through soft drinks. Sodas and sweetened drinks make up an alarming percentage of our caloric intake and do not benefit our bodies in any way. Cut back on the soft drinks by switching to sugar free or low calorie beverages. Eventually, you can faze these out of your diet completely, but for now, start small.

Opt for less processed foods, the closer the food is to its natural state, the less chance that it has added sugars. Check your labels for high carbohydrate count. Often times, the sugar will be hidden under another name such as sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltose and rice syrup.

Educate Yourself
Knowledge is power and it's true that the more you know, the better you'll do. Take the time to read labels while you shop. For example, comparing the ingredients on one loaf of bread to another may help you see which brands choose not to use sugar in their recipes.

Know the difference between natural sugars found in fruits and processed sugars. If you need additional tips for reducing your sugar intake, call our office and schedule your next cleaning. We're happy to discuss some tips with you during your visit!
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