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The Fastest Tooth-Healthy Snacks to Always Keep on Hand

Posted on 10/10/2018 by Office - Boone DMD
The Fastest Tooth-Healthy Snacks to Always Keep on HandWhether you have kids or not, if you care about your oral health, you are probably always thinking of the best foods to eat. If you have made a point not to snack on junk food, such as chips or candy, then you will have to put some thought into the fastest tooth-healthy snacks to always have on hand.

With all the unhealthy temptations surrounding us everywhere we go, it's not easy to find tooth-healthy snacks that are not only safe to eat but taste good.

Best Snacks for Your Teeth

If you are watching what you eat because of health reasons, it takes some planning, but the good news is that there are many choices. You want to choose nutritious foods that are good for your teeth and overall health.

Some examples of fast, tooth-healthy snacks you can keep on hand to take on the go are:

•  Apples - "An apple a day keeps the doctor (dentist) away" is an old saying that couldn't be more accurate. If you eat apples, you stimulate the production of saliva, which can help cleanse your mouth from harmful bacteria and keep the rest of your body healthy.
•  Carrots - chewing on carrots is excellent for your gums, and you will be getting a lot of vitamin A, which is good for the enamel of your teeth. Baby carrots are perfect to take on the go.
•  Celery - this is one of the best snacks you can have because it can also protect teeth against cavities and is a good exercise for your gums.
•  Cheese - helps balance your mouth's pH levels and it's low on carbs and high in calcium, which is essential for strong teeth.
•  Kiwis - are packed with vitamin C which is essential for gum health. One kiwi can give you all the vitamin C you need in a day.
•  Hard-boiled eggs - are full of protein and you can't beat the price. Eggs once had a bad reputation, but now they're considered one of the best foods you can eat.

You can grab any of these tooth-healthy snacks whether you're on the go, at school or work, or just looking for something that won't damage your teeth.
Margaret A. Boone, DMD
30485 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Suite 203
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