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Confidence Exudes from a Healthy Smile

Posted on 12/10/2018 by Office - Boone DMD
Confidence Exudes from a Healthy SmileA healthy, beautiful smile can reveal so much about a person. A friendly grin can show a sense of humor, put strangers at ease, and forge friendships.

However, what about people who do not have a quick smile due to their embarrassment about their teeth? Unfortunately, this is the all-too-true and sad reality for so many people. Taking good care of your teeth isn't just about looking good - it's also about feeling good about yourself, too!

How Your Smile Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Rejection hurts, and not having a smile returned to you can feel like a punch to the gut. But what if the person you were smiling at didn't smile back at you not out of malice, but out of shame?
One of the first things a person notices about another is their smile, and not having that opportunity to forge relationships can start to take its toll on your self-worth.

•  Having a healthy smile can help you make lasting friendships. Nothing is quite as emotionally rewarding like bonding with a close friend over shared values and jokes. Without friends, you may start to doubt yourself and what you can bring to a relationship. Nobody should have to feel so poorly about themselves, which is why it is so important to take care of your pearly whites.
•  A healthy smile can help you advance in your career. Regardless if you think it is fair or not, a healthy and dazzling smile can help you land promotions at work. Employers are more likely to give raises and promotions to people who are gregarious and have a great smile. Conversely, not advancing at work can make you start to wonder if you are actually good at your job. Getting the recognition, you deserve at work could be as simple as fixing your teeth!
•  A healthy smile can help you win at love. Research shows that bad teeth are a major turn off to prospective dating partners. If you have been single and are wondering how to increase your dating pool, have you taken a hard look at your teeth lately? Instead of being overly critical of yourself, instead work on improving your smile!

If you're struggling with poor confidence, do you think your smile could be to blame for it? Taking good care of your teeth is the first step in repairing your self-esteem.

Please give us a call to schedule a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning and allow us to help you enhance not only the appearance of your teeth, but also your self-worth, too!
Margaret A. Boone, DMD
30485 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Suite 203
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