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Some Dental Imperfections Can Be Hidden Beneath Veneers

Posted on 9/10/2019 by Office - Boone DMD
Some Dental Imperfections Can Be Hidden Beneath VeneersThe smile is one of the most important features a person may have. It is common to think that a good style requires bright white teeth that are not broken, chipped, cracked or damaged in some other way. The good news is there are ways to fix a smile.

Some of the methods are more involved and expensive than others. One of the best ways to correct problems with the teeth is through dental veneers. There are times when they offer the best option to improve the smile.

Covering Different Types of Damage

Some of the most common reasons people turn to veneers is to cover over some damage they have suffered to their teeth. Chipped, cracked and broken teeth may not cause any serious oral health issues, but they do not provide a great smile. A porcelain veneer can cover over these small imperfections and return the great smile.

Many people notice that their teeth become discolored as they get older. There are many reasons for the discoloration. Tobacco use, poor oral hygiene habits or just simply getting older can cause teeth to lose some of their brightness. For people that do not want to turn to teeth whitening, or for who teeth whitening did not help, veneers can offer an alternative. The only problem is that if a person does not correct the reason for the discoloration, the veneers may also become discolored.

Fixing Other Problems
Many people suffer from crooked teeth. They may have gaps between their teeth. Veneers offer a way to cover up these imperfections. They are great at covering the gaps between the teeth and if done properly, will hide the crooked teeth.

It is important to understand that veneers do not fix whatever the problem is a person has with the appearance of their teeth. It only covers them up. For people that want a more permanent solution, they will have to look for other options.

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