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Stress Directly Affects Bruxism: Learn More

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Office - Boone DMD
Stress Directly Affects Bruxism: Learn More
Bruxism, also called teeth grinding, is a serious problem. It can lead to a variety of oral health issues that include cracked or broken teeth, cavities, gum disease and other problems. It is important to take steps to prevent the damage from bruxism is you suffer from this condition.

While turning to dental appliances is one way to do this, there is something else that people need to learn about. Stress can impact teeth grinding. The connection of stress and bruxism is stronger than many people realize.

Why You Grind Your Teeth

There are some that say stress causes bruxism, but that is not entirely true. Your body reacts to stressful situations in different ways. Part of it depends on the type of stress you feel and part of it depends on the way that you are able to manage the stress. In either instance, you grind your teeth as a reaction to the stress and there are ways to manage that reaction.

If you think about what your body does when you get in a stressful situation, you realize that you get tense. One way to help with the tension is to clench your teeth. It is that clenching that people are calling bruxism.

Managing Bruxism and Stress

Because the bruxism is a reaction to stress and stress is not something you can completely avoid. You need to learn how to manage the stress and the bruxism. Managing the stress includes finding ways to relax in stressful situations. Managing the bruxism requires changing the way your body reacts to stress. You have to teach your body new tricks.

A second option for people that face stressful situations regularly is with the help of dental appliances. Mouthguards can protect the teeth during the stressful situations and can limit the damage from bruxism.

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