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Does Eating Pumpkin Provide an Oral Health Boost?

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Office - Boone DMD
Does Eating Pumpkin Provide an Oral Health Boost?Fall is a great time of year. The leaves on the trees change colors, and beautiful, bright orange pumpkins with and without various facial expressions are all over the place.

Aside from having a decorating party with the kids, it's a great idea to take advantage of the oral health benefits that pumpkin seeds contain. They are a great alternative to foods with a lot of acids or sugar that you find yourself quick to grab and consume on the go.

Pumpkins themselves are chock full of health benefits, nutriments, and minerals. All of which is a great boost on your mouth, gums, and teeth, when you consume it correctly. That means avoiding the pumpkin flavored sweets and stick with the unprocessed and organic form.

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds as a Snack

Pumpkins are very fibrous, which is a great health benefit to your overall body, and even assist with natural weight loss. This helps you maintain a healthy mouth and teeth because long term chronic illnesses and diseases such as obesity, diabetes and even heart disease increase the risk of you experiencing poor oral health and likewise, poor oral health can lead to these other illnesses as well.

Pumpkins are extremely high in zinc, magnesium and vitamins. Zinc is a great benefit for producing healthy and strong bones, as well as strong dental health. Magnesium is great for protecting your tooth enamel and protecting your teeth against decay. Vitamins A and C found in pumpkin is great for building a strong immune system to fight off oral diseases and infections.

If you are experiencing bleeding or sore gums, consider eating pumpkin and schedule a consultation to come into our office for a consultation and customized treatment plan. Remember to avoid the sugary pumpkin foods and go for the natural, you deserve it and so does your mouth and body!
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