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Do You Have Bad Breath? Ways To Tell You Can Use Anywhere

Posted on 1/10/2020 by Office - Boone DMD
Do You Have Bad Breath? Ways To Tell You Can Use AnywhereBad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene and may lead to anxiety issues or even psychological distress. However, there are a number of causes for bad breath.

Most people experience bad breath regularly. The problem is that people don't usually realize they have bad breath until they get publicly embarrassed. Below are some of the ways you can use in telling that you have bad breath.

Ways Of Telling You Have A Bad Breath

In most cases, the people around you will let you know if the smell coming out of your mouth is unpleasant. The problem is that no matter how polite they try to be, you will always find them offensive. The solution is to find out if you have a bad breath before the others do and take action to avoid getting embarrassed. Here are ways you can tell if you have bad breath.

Look At What You Consumed
There are certain things that are bound to leave a bad smell in the mouth after consumption. Tobacco, alcohol, and coffee are some of the most common things known to interfere with your fresh breath. Certain foods are also known to leave a bad breath after consumption.

Consider Your Oral Health

If you have oral health issues such as oral infections and gum disease, chances are that you also have bad breath. Many oral problems are known to be a contributing factor to bad breath.

Smell Your Breath

You may have perfect oral health and don't consume anything that contributes to bad breath and still be conscious about the smell coming out of your mouth. In that case, the best way to tell whether you have bad breath is to smell your breath. Lick your wrist then smell it after it dries. You can also use your hand to cover the mouth towards the nose, then blow out a breath. If the scent that hits your nose isn't pleasant, it's time to do something about it.

If you notice that you have bad breath, visit our clinic to have the source of the bad breath identified and dealt with. We can also recommend products that will help you to freshen your breath when you are stepping out. Give us a call to get a solution for bad breath.
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