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What is Gum Disease?
Wilsonville, OR

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an inflammation of the gums that can eventually harm the tissue and bone that surround and support your teeth. Gum disease is primarily the result of plaque, which is a sticky film of bacteria that irritate your gum line as it builds up. Often, there are few noticeable symptoms of gum disease, and patients rarely experience pain. Gingivitis is a mild, early stage of gum disease that can still be reversed.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

•  Gums that bleed easily, such as when you floss
•  Red, swollen, or tender gums
•  Receding gum line
•  Chronic bad breath or bad taste in your mouth
•  Loosening teeth
•  Changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite down
•  Changes in the fit of partial dentures

Can Gum Disease be Reversed?

There are several ways to reverse gum disease and Dr. Margaret Boone will discuss which is right for you based on the extent of gum disease and your specific needs. Additionally, regular appointments for professional cleanings and checkups at our Wilsonville, OR dental office should be maintained. Controlling the progression of gum disease is paramount to a healthy smile.

How is Gum Disease Reversed?

There are both nonsurgical and surgical methods for reversing gum disease.

Nonsurgical Methods for Reversing Gum Disease

Fortunately, gum disease can be reversed in its earlier stages using nonsurgical methods.

•  Oral Hygiene: Thorough and proper oral hygiene can reverse gum disease so that not all gingivitis progresses. It’s important to brush at least twice daily. Ideally, you will brush after each meal and floss once a day.
•  Dental Cleanings: A professional dental cleaning is a relatively simple and effective method for reversing gum disease. We at Boones Landing Dental Center can remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line of your teeth.
•  Scaling & Root Planing: This procedure is a deep-cleaning method done under local anesthetic during which we will remove the plague and hard tartar from above and below the gum line. Scaling is when we scrape the plaque and tartar are scraped from the gumline. Root planing is when rough spots on the tooth root are made smooth again, removing bacteria and leaving a clean surface for the gums to reattach to the teeth.

Surgical Methods for Reversing Gum Disease

In more severe cases of gum disease, we may recommend surgical methods to reverse gum disease.

•  Pocket Reduction Surgery: This surgery, also known as flap surgery, in which the gums are lifted back, and the tartar is removed.
•  Bone & Tissue Grafting: Restorative methods such as bone and soft tissue grafts may be recommended if you have suffered bone or tissue loss due to gum disease. We may also recommend guided tissue regeneration or bone surgery.
•  LANAP Laser Treatment: There are also laser treatments available, and the most popular treatment is called LANAP. This treatment can reverse gum disease and greatly reduce the discomfort and healing time associated with other treatment methods.

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