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Teeth Cleaning Wilsonville

Black woman smiling and holding up a mirror to her smile after her teeth cleaning at Boones Landing Dental Center in Wilsonville, ORRegular brushing and flossing is an important daily task in preventive oral health care, but it is only one preventive step.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned by a hygienist plays a vital role in having and maintaining a healthy mouth.

To completely eliminate plaque and tartar calcium deposits on the teeth, a professional teeth cleaning is needed at least once, if not twice a year.

At Boones Landing Dental Center, we use your time with the hygienist to remove harmful bacteria, evaluate the health of your gums, review brushing and flossing techniques, and discuss any additional preventive options that could elevate your oral health.

Advantages of Dental Cleaning

We can help you have better oral health, including teeth that will last you a lifetime.

A professional dental cleaning can be an extremely advantageous part of your oral health routine. Your dental cleaning appointment will generally include the following:

•  Evaluation of your Gums: The hygienist will evaluate your gums for the symptoms of gum diseases. Gingivitis, periodontal disease and gum disease are all terms that indicate some level of infection is present. We will track and measure the depth of your gum pockets to determine how advanced any gum disease is. Measurements of 4mm or greater is an indication of problems. Treatment may include scaling and root planing as a start. If the patient has experienced tissue loss, more treatment may be necessary.

•  Assessing Your Level of Decay: We will evaluate your current level of plaque and tartar buildup and make predictions of future development. These predictions may indicate that more preventive measures or additional cleaning appointments are needed.

•  Removing Tartar Deposits: Most adult dental cleanings are completed with a tool known as an ultrasonic scaler. This tool has a vibrating tip and a stream of oxygenated bubbles. As the bubbles burst on your tooth, it helps loosen the hardened calculus which is then gently vibrated off the enamel with the tip. Some patients find this process to be uncomfortable, we can apply a local anesthetic to help. Other patients have expressed the sensation to be a satisfying deep cleaning.

•  Polishing: With the teeth free of plaque and tartar, we then polish the teeth with a rotary brush and a specialized toothpaste. Polishing will remove most surface stains that collect naturally from normal use. Patients who want an elevated whitening can inquire about teeth whitening. Polishing will not remove intrinsic stains that are sent in the enamel including fluorosis or from certain medications.

Dental cleanings are frequently followed with a dental exam. Your exam will include digital x-rays, and a physical examination of your oral cavity to look for anything that indicates disease or the development of harmful tissue including an oral cancer screening.

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A dental cleaning is an important preventive step in your oral health. There are many patients who neglect their regular cleaning appointments due time restraints or a general dislike of dental work.

We want you to see you, contact us with your concerns and see what we can do to accommodate you. Preventing dental disease can save you considerable time in that chair and expense. For more information, contact our Wilsonville office at (503) 601-0610.

Margaret A. Boone, DMD
30485 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Suite 203
Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 601-0610
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