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Multiple Tooth Implants Wilsonville

3D rendering of mouth with multiple tooth implants from Boones Landing Dental Center in Wilsonville, ORDental implants can provide varying solutions to life’s dental problems. They can strengthen the jaw, provide structure to the face, and build a foundation for the rest of your teeth. Dental implants are somewhat of a celebrity in the world of restorative dentistry.

However, there are multiple variations of implants that can help you replace a lot of missing teeth at one time. They are a permanent fix for people with extensive tooth decay. They might require multiple tooth extractions, but it is worth it.

With dental implants, you can achieve that perfect smile and avoid future dental issues. At Boones Landing Dental Center, you can receive the best dental care and attention. Get your teeth examined by Dr. Margaret Boone, who can identify your dental troubles and provide unique solutions.

How Do You Know If You Need Multiple Tooth Implants?

If you have lost multiple teeth, it is pretty obvious that you need multiple tooth implants. However, what if there are no apparent signs?

You can experience tooth decay for a long time before you realize you need dental implants. Some signs include:
•  Experiencing intense pain in your gums or teeth.
•  Difficulty consuming hard foods or experiencing sensitivity to different temperatures.
•  Noticing sunken facial features that indicate decreasing jawbone density.
•  Experiencing the impact of tooth decay on other teeth that weren’t impacted before.
•  Teeth that have shifted from their previous positions to take the place of gaps.
•  Gum disease that has progressed beyond a certain point.
•  A loss of confidence which involves shying away from social events or hiding your teeth when you smile.

If you have experienced any signs mentioned above, you should consider a dental consultation. Spotting dental issues before they progress beyond a repairable stage can help you achieve healthy oral health before it is too late.

What Are The Solutions for Multiple Tooth Loss?

If you are experiencing multiple tooth loss and are looking for solutions incorporating oral surgery, you can opt for multiple treatment plans depending on your oral health and our recommendations.
•  Traditional dental implants
•  All-on-4 dental implants
•  Implant-supported dentures

The first solution to multiple tooth loss is the traditional dental implant route. Dental implants can fix multiple gaps between your teeth by fixing a titanium screw to your jawbone, an abutment on top, and an artificial tooth that rests over everything. It is a permanent solution that utilizes the surrounding teeth, adds a root-supported tooth in between, and strengthens the surrounding teeth and jawbone.

Another popular solution is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept which is an excellent option for people who have lost all of their teeth in a row. These use four implants to support tips that can hold multiple teeth. By giving the jaw something to hold onto, they can encourage it to maintain its integrity and help it avoid deterioration.

Another great solution is implant-supported dentures which work much like dental implants except that it replaces an entire row of teeth at once. Implants are fitted in two or more parts of the jaw, and the permanent denture is fixed on top.

You can choose from multiple procedures depending on which one suits you best. However, you will need great jawbone density and oral health to qualify. If your jawbone has deteriorated, we might recommend a small bone grafting procedure to aid the dental implant.

What Are The Benefits of Multiple Tooth Implants?

Getting multiple teeth implants significantly improves quality of life. They don’t just improve your smile but provide long-lasting solutions targeting oral health. These include:
•  Multiple implants add structure to the jawbone which slows down disintegration.
•  Implants are more permanent and don’t slip off like dentures.
•  They prevent a sunken facial appearance.
•  Implants don’t let the gums get impacted, unlike dentures.
•  They can allow you to consume many more of your favorite foods.
•  They significantly improve your smile.

Contrary to popular belief, the procedure isn’t as painful as it looks. In fact, you won’t feel a thing. Dental implant surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and are completely safe.

How Are Multiple Dental Implants Inserted?

Multiple dental implants require different procedures as the gums take time to heal, and the fixtures take time to fuse with the jawbone. However, with Boones Landing Dental Center you can rest carefree. Our doctors will help you understand your procedure and the necessary steps before we begin.

The procedure begins with your first doctor’s appointment, where you receive a consultation and an examination. The exam might require an x-ray, which helps the dentist determine your suitability for the procedure. At this stage, the dentist will also let you know if you require tooth extraction or bone grafting.

The second step involves placing the implants inserted under local anesthesia. These are titanium-based screws added to the jaw.

Once these fittings heal, you will be called for your final appointment. You may need to visit the dentist a few times before the final insertion. If your implants have healed, you will be fitted with abutments and artificial teeth.

How Much Will the Procedure Cost?

The cost of dental implants varies from state to state and dentist to dentist. Your procedure can also lead to a higher or lower cost than the average implant procedure.

The final cost will depend on the number of implants required, whether you need a tooth extraction, any bone grafting requirements, or other procedures. Moreover, your dental implants might be covered by your medical insurance provider. Contact your provider in advance and confirm whether you qualify before proceeding.

Replace Multiple Tooth Loss with a Solid Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple tooth implants aren’t just a way to look better in the present. They last long into the future, improving your bite force and quality of life for decades to come. Your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding bones all benefit from the procedure.

At Boones Landing Dental Center, we ensure all of our customers receive proper aftercare tips to increase the longevity of their dental implants. Call (503) 601-0610 for an appointment and come one step closer to the procedure of a lifetime.
Margaret A. Boone, DMD
30485 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Suite 203
Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 601-0610
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Multiple Tooth Implants Wilsonville, OR | Boones Landing
Multiple tooth implants aren’t just a way to look better now. They last into the future, improving your bite force and quality of life for decades! Call today!
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