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Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Wilsonville, OR

Dentist speaking with beautiful Black patient about wisdom teeth extraction at Boones Landing Dental Center in Wilsonville, OR Wisdom tooth extraction is a fairly common oral surgical procedure. In fact, as many as 10 million wisdom teeth are removed each year in the U.S. alone. Yet, still, many of us may not be aware of what to expect during and after the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

Know When Your Wisdom Teeth Need Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that most people develop between the ages of 18 and 25. Some people may develop an impacted wisdom tooth, which means that the wisdom tooth lacks space to develop appropriately. Hence, it grows at an angle. In some impacted wisdom tooth cases, the molar develops horizontally, causing pressure throughout the oral cavity and crowding of other teeth. But in most cases, an impacted wisdom tooth grows partially at an angle and causes pain and discomfort. Since it is the last set of molars, cleaning an impacted wisdom tooth is difficult, which leads to several other problems, such as infections, gum disease, cysts, and damage to the jawbone and other teeth. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, visit Boones Landing Dental Center to determine whether your impacted wisdom tooth needs removal or not. With a detailed dental examination of your oral cavity and an X-ray, our team of expert maxillofacial surgeons can determine whether you need your wisdom tooth removed.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – What to Expect?

The wisdom tooth extraction procedure is an oral surgery performed under local anesthesia. Once we determine that you need a wisdom tooth extraction, we schedule an appointment at your convenience, or if you are prepared for the procedure, we can also perform it right away. While it is an oral surgery that involves cutting through the gum tissue to remove the wisdom tooth, it is a fairly common procedure with little or no complications. During the procedure, the patient doesn’t experience any pain as you will be under local anesthesia. In some cases of more complicated impacted wisdom teeth, we also recommend IV sedation so the procedure can be performed comfortably with no sensation of pain for the patient. However, it is common for patients to experience pain following the surgery, for which we recommend pain medication.

Moreover, most people also experience some facial swelling which usually subsides with a cold pack. While you can resume your everyday activities the day following the procedure, it is recommended to choose a soft diet for the first few days following the procedure. You should use teeth far away from the wisdom tooth extraction site to chew food as you return to solid foods so the extraction site can heal completely.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine treatment for impacted wisdom teeth. Most people who undergo this procedure fully recover within two to three days. If you are concerned about the extraction of your wisdom teeth, get in touch with us at (503) 601-0610 and schedule an appointment today.

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If you have impacted wisdom teeth, visit Boones Landing Dental Center to determine whether your impacted wisdom tooth needs removal or not. Learn more here.
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